Picking Tips

Before You Arrive

• Check the weather. The hydroponic farm is located outdoors.
• Please dress appropriately and according to weather conditions.
• Wear sensible shoes. There are gravel paths which lead to the fields and the ground is sometimes uneven. The best strawberries are often located at the ends of the fields and you might have to walk to the outer edges.
• Bring sunscreen if you or your family need it.
• We offer beverages for purchase inside our store.

In the Field

Pick early while temperatures are cooler and picking is plentiful.
1. Sanitize your hands before picking.
2. Select plump, fully red berries.
3. Use the provided scissors to cut the stem just above the berry.
4. Carefully place the berries into your container. Don't overfill your containers or try to pack the berries down.
5. If you are picking vegetables, you will be instructed on how to pick them the day you arrive.

When You Get Home

• Don't wash the berries until you are ready to use them.
• Leave the green caps on the berries until they are ready to be used. This keeps them juicier!
• Put a couple of days supply into the refrigerator in a glass jar with a lid.
• You can easily freeze berries that you cannot use right away. Just wash, cut the green caps off and pop them into a ziplock bag. Remove as much air as possible. They will keep for several months



Thank You For Visiting Us and Have a Berry Nice Day!
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