Hydroponic Strawberry and Vegetable Farm

A country experience right in the middle of the city!

Our hydroponic farm features a state-of-the-art system for delivering nutrients to the plants. All plants are grown in a soil-less medium with a nutrient solution. With the decrease in the availability of land and the movement to conserve water, hydroponics is the wave of the future.

We offer the best u-pick strawberries and vegetables. Our customers can enjoy an exciting experience of picking from the farm or can buy pre-picked items in our store. Nothing is better than the sweet juicy taste of a freshly picked strawberry!

The history of hydroponics dates back hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years. In the 1940's, Dr. William Gerickle perfected hydroponic techniques and even decided upon the name for them. He named it by combining the Greek word 'hydros' (meaning 'water') and 'ponos' (which means 'working') into one word.

While hydroponics is not a word most people have heard of, many people have seen the technology at work. In Epcot, 'The Land' is an example of one way of cultivating plants hydroponically. Many colleges and universities now offer programs in agriscience and hydroponics.

Strawberry Plants
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Strawberries in Foam Containers
Swiss Chard
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